Installing a networked Printer


General Purpose instructions for installing a networked printer.  Please view attachment for more detailed instructions.

The following can only be completed after you have logged onto the network at Holmesglen.

1. Start up your PC/laptop and login with your network account.
2. Once logged in open Internet Explorer from the Windows Start Button, bottom left hand corner of
3. Click on the Job Tools & Support tab on the staff intranet page
4. Click on the Printers tab
5. Click on the Holmesglen Campus where you are located (Choose from Chadstone Printers,
Printers, Waverley Printers or St Kilda Printers)
6. Double click on the printer you wish to install (eg. C1104=Chadstone, Building 1,Level 1,Room 04)
7. A message will appear asking if you want to install it now?
8. Click on Yes to Install, No to cancel
9. Tick Set printer as default if you wish the printer to be your default printer
10.Once the printer is installed, a message will appear informing you that the Printer has been installed
    successfully, click OK to end

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