Video meetings and teleconferences : Zoom


Holmesglen staff have access to a simple to use video conferencing service - Zoom -  that works anywhere anytime on multiple device types.


What is ZOOM ?


In a nutshell ZOOM is like Skype/GoToMeetings/WebEx except it works on pretty much on any network and has the following basic features:


- video conference


- chat function


- screen share


- annotate on screen share


- remote desktop function ( we will be restricting this feature)






Get started


1. Authenticate via our SSO gate   using your normal username/password credentials and click on the ZOOM button.


2. Setup your ZOOM profile in the web interface


3. Download ZOOM client and apps for


  • MS Windows desktop
  • IOS device
  • Android device




Further information


Need to find out more ? : PC and MAC for all matters related to PC and MAC


For mobile devices : IOS and ANDROID related stuff goto

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